WordPress has a built-in feature for managing user registrations. By default, it is set off, but you may quickly turn it on.

Simply navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard’s Settings » General page. Check the box next to the Anyone can register option in the Membership column.

Allow User Registration in WordPress

The default user role must be chosen next. Each new user who registers on your website is allocated to this user role. Each WordPress user role has its own set of permissions and abilities.

DO NOT use the ‘Administrator‘ as the default user role for new user registrations, because a new user could take over your website and lock you out.

You can modify the default user role of ‘Subscriber‘ to any other available user role. You can alter the default user role to Contributor or Author, for example, if you want users to write content on your website. Click the Save Changes button to save your changes.

User registrations are now available on your WordPress site. If you go to your WordPress login page, you’ll find an option to create a new user account.

Allow User Registration in WordPress

Now you need to add your Meta widget to your sidebar by Appearance » Widgets page. Register, log in / log out, RSS feed, comments feed, and the WordPress.org website are all included in the meta widget.

Allow User Registration in WordPress

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