Elementor Broken After Upgrade

If your WordPress isn’t loading properly after you have Upgraded your Elementor, you’ll see the following error in your website’s error logs:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Elementor\Scheme_Typography' not found

Method 1: Rollback to Elementor 3.5.6 to fix Elementor After Upgrade

Rolling back to Elementor 3.5.6 is the easiest option to get your site back up and running. To roll back, utilize the built-in Elementor version control.

Version Control may be found in Elementor >> Tools >> Version Control.

To update your Elementor version, go to the “Elementor” page, choose “Tools,” then “Version Control,” and select 3.5.6 from the drop-down menu before clicking “Save Changes.”

Elementor Broken After Upgrade

That’s all, your site should now be up and running. If you’re still having issues, make sure you’ve emptied any page caches you’re using. If you’re still having issues, check your error log to see if any new errors have appeared.

Method 2: Remove Deprecated Code

Okay, you’re here because a plugin or theme you’re using relies on the Deprecated function ‘Elementor\Scheme_Typography_Typography,’ which was removed in Elementor 3.6.0. If you’re using a theme or plugin that was created by someone else, you should contact support and report the problem so that the code may be fixed. The answer is in the deprecation message if this is your code.

Deprecated: Elementor\Scheme_Typography is deprecated since version 2.8.0!Deprecated: Elementor\Scheme_Typography is deprecated since version 2.8.0! Use Elementor\Core\Schemes\Typography instead.

To fix this issue you need to find your references to Elementor\Scheme_Typography and change them to Elementor\Core\Schemes\Typography. Once you have done that you can allow Elementor to upgrade again.

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