Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Error

WordPress Keeps Logging Out – This also occurs your WordPress Website starts logging out repeatedly. The common attempts at a solution a layman makes are deleting the cache, deactivating the plugins, or backing up the website from the backup folder. We will let you know these tricks do not work in this case, yes you need to learn the following steps to get rid of it.

First, Learn how WordPress Login works

WordPress uses cookies and starts a session when someone logs in,

Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Error

in the above picture, notice that the WordPress Address (URL)  and Site Address URL are different inputs. This causes an error, these two must be identical with the same link structure. Put complete URL as it is and this is your first trick to solve the WordPress Logging Out problem.

Second, the ultimate solution is again reaching out to your wp-config.php file, editing it with an exact URL in front of WP-HOME & WP_SITEURL.

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