NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization

NitroPack is a powerful WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization and other platforms such as Magento and OpenCart speed optimization tool. It was originally designed for OpenCart, however, there is now a separate plugin for WordPress websites.

Because NitroPack is a cloud-based service, all speed improvements are performed on NitroPack servers, saving you a lot of server resources. The free NitroPack plugin for merely facilitates the connection of your site to NitroPack servers.

Caching, image optimization, smart resource loading, a built-in CDN, code optimization, lazy loading, and other optimization capabilities are available through the service. It’s really simple to set up, and it doesn’t require any technical expertise or the hiring of a costly developer.

Connect NitroPack with Your WordPress Site

This plugin is really simple to set up; I guarantee you’ll be done in under 10 minutes. To begin, you’ll need to create a free account, so go to and click the Sign up now option, as shown below.

Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard, and navigate to Plugins > Add New, as shown below.

NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization

Hit the Install Now button, as shown below.

NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization

Activate the plugin:

NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization

Navigate to Settings > NitroPack:

NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization

Connect to NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization:

NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization

Using the default settings, NitroPack accelerates your pages automatically. Unless you want to tweak some of the parameters, there’s nothing further you need to do. To do so, go back into your official NitroPack account and go to the settings page, as seen below.

The default configuration is suitable for casual users; you don’t need to change anything after connecting your site to NitroPack. There are a few self-explanatory settings for sophisticated users. Don’t worry, everything is as simple as point-and-click:

Fast-loading pages are important to the success of any website these days. It improves the user experience and increases conversion rates. A slow website will turn away visitors and ruin your SEO profile with search engines like Google. Invest in a solution like NitroPack and do yourself a favor.

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3 thoughts on “NitroPack WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization

  1. I have tried every cache plugin out there and never could get my site below 2.5 seconds. Setup and within 5 minutes my site is smoking .82 seconds and Google Page Speed score of 99. Yes, less than 1 second. The website works perfectly now and I am passing all Google Core Web Vitals with extremely high scores. Does it cost money? Yes, but the headache of trying to optimize and speed up my website is gone. Well worth it!

  2. Incredible and well worth the money. Our eCommerce site and development team struggled for years with different caching tools and even diving deep into code and stripping out logic and unnecessary database calls. We still struggled, especially, in mobile to gain top speed scores. We tried nitro and all our major pages started scoring in the top 90s if not 100 in page speeds across all devices

  3. I have to say that NitroPack never disappoints. On every single site I’ve ever put it on, it’s accelerated the speed as much as 3X what all my previous plugins and tools had managed combined. In my opinion, this is the single best speed optimization tool on the market. Period.

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