WordPress ClickBank Automator – Attention: Struggling to Earn Commissions from Your Website?

Watch Me Launch A New Affiliate Site in just 60 SECONDS & GET PAID Upto $1200+ PER MONTH in ClickBank Commissions Without Writing Any Content or Any Manual Work:

Clickbank is one of the TOP affiliate networks in the world.
It has over 3000 products across 22 categories that you can promote
and start earning commissions without waiting for any approval.
I personally know at least 30 people who have earned over $100,000+ using Clickbank by simply promoting offers.
Want to know how you can do that too?
Well, it’s not easy, they did put in a lot of hard work…
They created a WordPress site where they post reviews about products launching on Clickbank with their affiliate links.
They regularly create graphics, product demo videos, and even thorough review videos.
They work on getting traffic from social media, google search, and from their email list.
All that translates into SIX FIGURES A YEAR for them from their sites.
And they started this from ZERO – from a blank site with zero income.


  • You need to setup a wordpress site.
  • You need to write articles / a lot of content.
  • You need to create demo videos
  • You need to create banners.
  • You need to add affiliate links etc.

Sounds like a lot of work right?

But what if there was a software that could DO ALL THIS for you in just ONE CLICK?

What if all you had to do was PRESS A BUTTON and your new affiliate site would be launched

without any manual work?

[+] All the content would be automatically published….
[+] All the affiliate links would be automatically added….
[+] All the video demos would be automatically added to your site….
[+] All the images, graphics are all done for you without you doing any work.

Sounds impossible right?

Well, not anymore…

A brand new WordPress plugin that creates a fully automated affiliate site for you in just 60 seconds.

Automatically imports high commission paying offers from Clickbank.

Gets you AUTOMATIC & GUARANTEED approval to promote these offers.

Complete with Videos, Images, and 30 product reviews all done for you.

All you have to do is CLICK IMPORT, sit back and watch your review site get ready before you can finish your coffee.

What You Need is…


Creates A Fully Automated Affiliate Site For You in 60 seconds.

FULLY LOADED with Content, Product Reviews, Graphics & Videos

for Products from ClickBank Without Any Manual Work.

Yours Now – A Fully DONE FOR YOU Affiliate Site, Launched in SECONDS to Start Earning Commissions.

  • Imagine being able to create ready to promote affiliate sites really quickly.
  • Imagine having the freedom to earn money & make sales while having a beer on the beach.
  • Imagine being able to get new sales notifications into your paypal account, every single day – without spending time creating sites.
  • Imagine having 100s of new customers that buy from your site every month and this little affiliate site takes care of your car payments or your loans.
  • Imagine spending just minutes (instead of HOURS) adding new affiliate offers to your site & start getting sales the same day.
  • What would it feel like to have the best looking website you have ever created that not only works on mobile but also makes you sales.
  • Imagine getting more leads every day & turning that into more sales.
  • Imagine making more and more money from your passive income sites every single month & not having to slog day in and day out for money.

Stop Wasting Time Doing Stuff That Does NOT WORK & Never Made You a Single Dime…

  • No more having to spend money on expensive designers, developers or writers.
  • No spending hours trying to setting up a site yourself – manually.
  • No more having sites that don’t make you a single dime.
  • Never again will you have stupid sites that do not get any traffic.
  • No more wasting time in efforts that do not result in any sales.
  • No life-draining tech skills required in making this work for you.

12 Amazing Features That Come Built-In With Your CB AUTOMATOR Software Making it the Easiest Way to Launch Your Affiliate Site in SECONDS…

Instant Launcher – Just Upload The Plugin to Your Site & Get Content Without Any Work.

We’ve designed this in such a way that launching your site is almost instant. No technical expertise is needed. Even a 9-year-old kid can do this. Perfect for newbies or anyone who is scared to launch an affiliate site and start earning commissions.

Earn Unlimited Commissions from a TOP Affiliate Network With Guaranteed Approval…

We want you to make as much money as possible with your CB Automator sites and that is why we made it so you can earn commissions from multiple products, funnels, and offers from ClickBank. All you have to do is add your affiliate ID, that’s it.

Pre-Loaded with 30 Affiliate Product Review Articles All DONE FOR YOU…

Writing good content is probably the hardest part of creating an affiliate review site. That’s why we took that upon us to write good review articles that will sell the visitors into buying the products and help you close more sales. No more manual work for you.

Automatically Adds Videos, Images, Graphics & Call to Actions For All Affiliate Offers.

Creating videos, images, and graphics for your articles is a lot harder than it looks. That’s why we wanted to take care of it and make things easy for you. Now our software automatically adds all this for each product review you import in 1-CLICK.

AUTOMATED TRAFFIC Built-In, Get Traffic from Top Social Media Sites

We love automation and making your life easier and that’s why, anytime you add a new product review to your affiliate site, it automatically goes out to Facebook, Twitter, Medium.com, Tumblr, and many other top social sites to drive traffic back to your site. Zero Effect Traffic.

Built-in Automatic Product Recommendations That Suggests Other Products Visitors Can Buy

In 60 Seconds – Launch Your Affiliate Sites & Blogs – CB AUTOMATOR Lets You Earn Unlimited Commissions

You Get A Fully Mobile Ready Website

With over 50% of the internet traffic being on mobile devices, it is super important to have a site that is mobile-friendly – that’s exactly what we did with the CB Automator because every site you launch using this will be fully mobile friendly on almost every device out there.

Get Automatic Plugin Updates & Automatic Content Updates Daily.

Once you add this to your site, every update we make to this software for the next year will be completely free for you. Also, the preloaded content will automatically update your site.

Built-In Banner System Shows Ads Within Your Article Content.

Banner ads are the way big sites make money – for you, it’s all about promoting special offers and deals or even promoting your other websites/businesses. You can do that with the built-in Banner System in the CB Automator.

Special High Conversion Boxes to Get You More Clicks & More Sales

Getting clicks from your affiliate articles is not enough, you need to do a little more to attract attention to your offers and that’s why we created the special high conversion boxes that grab attention and get you sales.

Fully SEO Ready – Rank Sites Fast

SEO is important for traffic and that is why we made sure the site you create is 100% SEO Friendly making it easier for you to rank your site and get organic free traffic on the top search engines. You can edit the SEO settings from the powerful admin panel too.

A Simple, Easy & Powerful Admin Area Lets You Control, Edit & Manage Your Affiliate Site.

The CB Automator comes with a FULL ADMIN PANEL that lets you control and edit the site, edit the contents, products and courses, all the settings – everything very very easily. There is absolutely no technical knowledge required to manage your site.

Special BONUS #1

Live Training on Making $100k/yr in Easy Passive Income ($199 Value)

This amazing training will teach you to live how you can earn $8000/mo in passive income by simply giving away free stuff on your site. This is incredible.

Special BONUS #2

Recommended WP THEME for CB Automator – Sidebar Theme.

The next thing you need to get your site up and running is a good WordPress Theme – worry not we got you covered. You get the amazing Sidebar Theme that we recommend you use to add to your site

Special BONUS #3

Recommended WP THEME for CB Automator – Marinate Theme.

What is better than one theme? TWO THEMES. That’s why we are giving you one more BONUS theme so you have a choice to pick one over the other and make your site look unique and stand out from others.

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