WordPress WhatsMyRank Plugin – This 100% Automated Software Tracks All Your Google Rankings & Shows Them Right Inside Your Website…
No More Manually Tracking Your Rankings, ZERO Manual Work
Never Pay Monthly Fees for Rank Tracking Software Ever Again…

What This Short 2-Minute Demo Video & See How to Track All Your Google Rankings in Just 1-Click:

Best Early Bird Deal For You


WordPress WhatsMyRank Plugin – Let’s talk about the most common problem you face every day…
Tracking Your Website Ranking for 100s of keywords across Google.
Having to do it MANUALLY one by one is boring and a lot of work.
It can take you hours every single day to do this.
Or you can buy EXPENSIVE software
That charges you monthly fees to track your rankings for you.
But it’s all external software so if you stop paying you to lose all the data.
That is terrible and painful at the same time.
So what if you could…

  • Tracking all your Google rankings automatically
  • From within your website itself
  • And never have to pay monthly fees or yearly fees.
  • Never have to do any tracking manually.
  • Always get updated rankings every single day.
  • And improve your SEO based on all of this.

Sounds impossible right?

Well, it’s not… How Can This Software Help You…

100% Automated Rank Tracking – Zero Effort.

Stop manually looking up your website in Google trying to see where you rank, now all that boring grunt work has been automated with zero effort. This plugin shows you all your rankings fully automatically.

Dashboard Shows Top 3 & Top Page Rankings

Instantly you can see your top 3 rankings, page 1 rankings, page 2 rankings, and page 3 rankings for your entire site. Never have to dig through pages and pages of results ever again.

Track Sites on Any Google Domains & Regions

Whether you want to track rankings on Google.com or Google.de or Google.co.uk or any of the 100s of Google sites and Domains or Regions, you can do that in a jiffy with WhatsMyRank because it does it for you.

Track 100s of Keywords & Multiple Sites Easily

No more searching one by one on Google for every keyword to track rankings, now you can automatically track 100s of keywords and install this plugin on multiple sites so you can get all the latest rankings daily, easily.

Completely Set & Forget, Get Rankings Daily…

No more getting your hands dirty with Google or spending hours checking your rankings, now just login to your site and see your latest rankings. This works fully automatically, set it and forget about it.

Really Simple to Use, Just Click, Click & Done

There is no learning curve, no technical mumbo jumbo, even a 5-year-old can do this and track rankings for 100s of keywords in just a few seconds. You’ll never have to manually do all the grunt work ever again.

WordPress WhatsMyRank Plugin – Best Early Bird Deal For You


Whats My Rank WordPress Plugin

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  1. I recently signed up for Rowebsite and couldn’t be happier with the results! It was SO easy to set up and the support has been fantastic! After I got the hang of setting up the first one, I can now set up a new Rowebsite in under 5 mins – from A to Z and have it running on about 5 different campaigns. Those campaigns have generated close to 2,000 registrations for live workshops in the past month alone – and I’m SURE the Rowebsite app has contributed!

  2. After a course launch, the hardest thing to do is took keep the momentum of sales going. Rowebsite helps make it super easy for me to maintain that momentum!

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